Celebrating Women in Motorsport: Monza paddock event shines a spotlight on female talent in the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine

In a heartfelt celebration of women in motorsport, the paddock of Monza witnessed a gathering dedicated to recognizing and honoring the remarkable contributions of women who have made their mark in the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine. This event highlighted the achievements of female racers and professionals both on and off the track.

One of the protagonists of the event was undeniably Maya Weug, a rising talent from KIC Motorsport, who has captured the spotlight as the top-performing female driver in the series. Weug’s remarkable journey in the championship, which has seen her secure an impressive 25 points and claim the third position in the rookie standings, was acknowledged and celebrated by the motorsport community. Her accomplishments serve as an inspiration to the young women who aspire to excel in motorsport.

But the celebration extended far beyond the driver of the Ferrari Driver Academy. The event also featured the presence of talented young female racers from the Euro4 Championship, including Aurelia Nobels (Prema Racing) and Tina Hausmann (AKM Motorsport), who have demonstrated their skill and determination on the race track. Their participation underscores the growing influence and potential of female drivers in the motorsport world.

Furthermore, the event paid tribute to the often unsung heroines of the motorsport industry, the women working tirelessly behind the scenes in key roles such as team managers, mechanics, engineers, and team support staff such as Lotta Aaltonen (KIC Motorsport), Danielle Geel (Van Amersfoort Racing), Camilla Pastori (Trident Motorsport) and Grazia Troncon (Prema Racing). These women have played a pivotal role in the success of racing teams and have actively contributed to the growing integration of women in motorsport.

As the motorsport world embraces diversity and inclusion, this event at Monza has highlighted the strides that have been made while emphasizing the road ahead. The participants and attendees voiced a collective commitment to continue supporting and nurturing female talent within the sport, making motorsport a more inclusive and exciting endeavor for all.