Formula Regional 2021 Trophies and record numbers

At Monza circuit the prize-giving ceremony has officially declared the 2021 Titles of the first season of the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine, co-organized by ACI Sport and Alpine, the only FIA certified series perfectly fitting between F4 and F3 in the ladder to F1. 

After the Title won by the Swiss Grègoire Saucy (ART Grand Prix) 3 races in advance to the end of the season, Monza, the last round of the year and the first set for 2022 calendar, has offered amazing races with overtakes, and extraordinary battles for the win.

After the first Race, won by Hadrien David (R-ace GP), conquering the Vice-Champion Title (209 points vs 277 of Saucy), his teammate Isack Hadjar, this year appointed Red Bull Junior Team driver, has conquered the Rookie Title (166 points), with Gabriele Minì (ART Grand Prix) retiring in the race and finally Vice-Champion of the Rookies (122 points). With the third position in Race 2 Paul Aron (Prema Powerteam) confirmed his final third place in the standings.



The final race of the year has also assigned the last trophy, the team title between R-ace GP, ART Grand Prix and Prema Powerteam. Finally, R-ace GP conquers the 2021 Title of the series with 481 points, in front of ART Grand Prix (422 points) and Prema Powerteam (346 points).


With always above 30 drivers per race and record numbers of 36 drivers in the last two rounds (35 in Monza due to the retirement of Dexter Patterson (Monolite Racing) due to family problems), the Formula Regional European Championship has achieved extraordinary success in its first year. 

Moreover, the Championship has accumulated along the year a combined reach of more than 170 Million contacts through social media, web and print media, and international Televisions.

A special prize had been given to JD Motorsport by the organization of the Formula Regional for their amazing 25 seasons in motorsports, with 8 drivers and 3 teams championship titles.