(ART Grand Prix Press Release)

ART Grand Prix is delighted to announce that Lena Bühler will compete in the 2024 Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine (FRECA).

Trained at the school of two wheels, Léna shone in BMX before turning to go-kart in 2016, and then climbed the ranks in motorsport. Runner-up in the F1 Academy in 2023 with ART Grand Prix, the Swiss driver will this year return to FRECA, where she competed in 2021 and 2022 following a convincing first year in single-seaters in F4 Spain.    

Léna Bühler: 

“I have learned a great deal with ART Grand Prix in F1 Academy and I’m proud to have been able to fight for the title right to the end. I’m also very proud to be continuing my progress within this team, which has so much experience and knowledge. I’m back in FRECA and I know it’s going to be a huge challenge, because it’s an ultra-competitive championship and it’s hard to get everything together to get the maximum of your potential and that of the car. That’s why I’m not setting myself any unrealistic goals, and I hope I can make progress both sportively and personally.”  

Sébastien Philippe: 

“In 2023, Léna had an excellent season and reaped the rewards of her hard work by winning races and coming close to claiming the first F1 Academy crown. To continue her ascent in motorsport, it’s important to take it to another step, and it’s only logical for ART Grand Prix to accompany her in this new courageous and decisive stage for the continuation of her career.”