Mugello, QP2: Aron in pole again

On a dry but cold track, on a sunny day, the drivers of the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine have ran the QP2 having to warm up their tyres for some time before good lap times have started to come out. Suddenly, Dino Beganovic (Prema Powerteam) has set a lap time with a 1.42, and so many other drivers have started to set best lap times, among which Pietro Delli Guanti (Monolite Racing), the title winner Grègoire Saucy (ART Grand Prix), and finally Paul Aron (Prema Powerteam), who manages to keep the lead until the red flag determined, two minutes and a half to the end of the session, by an off-track of Jasin Ferati (KIC Motorsport).

So finally, Aron is in pole position again (1’41.991), followed by Saucy (+ 0.080), then Beganovic (+0.157), Franco Colapinto (MP Motorsport +0.249), Mari Boya (Van Amersfoort Racing +0.274), Michael Belov (G4 Racing +0.285), a little bit below expectations, a very good Kas Haverkort (MP Motorsport +0.336), Pietro Delli Guanti (+0.387), Hadrien David (R-ace GP), still battling to defend the second final position in the championship (+0.388), and Gabriel Bortoleto (FA Racing +0.440), the best of the Rookies yesterday in Race 1.

Mugello – Q2 – Provisional Classification