Nicola Lacorte secures second Pirelli Racelience Trophy

Nicola Lacorte has secured the second Pirelli Racelience Trophy. The Italian, driving for team Trident, became the second driver to claim this trophy following his remarkable performance at Spa Francorchamps, the second round of the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine season. The Alpine Academy driver impressively advanced four positions in Race 1 and a notable ten positions in Race 2.

In Belgium, both Ruiqi Liu (Trident) and Jesse Carrasquedo (G4 Racing) matched Lacorte’s feat of gaining multiple positions, but Lacorte’s superior overall placements in both races enabled him to lead in this category. Currently, Carrasquedo leads the Pirelli standings thanks to his results at both Hockenheim and Spa.

The Racelience Award, created by Pirelli, honors drivers who show extraordinary resilience and improvement during races. Points are awarded based on the number of positions a driver gains from their starting grid position to the finish line, rewarding those who advance the most. At the season’s end, the driver with the highest score will be awarded the prestigious Pirelli Wheel.

As the competition intensifies, all eyes are now on who will be the next to claim the trophy, following Andriolo and Lacorte’s outstanding performances.