Circuit Zandvoort, QP1: Saucy, Minì, David, Boya, Beganovic and Colapinto

The first qualifying session at Circuit Zandvoort, in a very windy and cloudy morning, sees Grégoire Saucy (ART Grand Prix – 1:30.973) once again as the absolute fastest, with 0.402 advantage on his teammate Gabriele Minì, and 0.710 on the third, Hadrien David (R-ace GP). Amazing lap time differences indicate how strong the Swiss driver is this year. And strong means also physically on a track that, with its bankings, requires great power to handle the steering of the car, made also more complex by the wind blowing hard and changing the conditions in every corner.

Fourth is a fantastic Mari Boya (Van Amersfoort Racing) and fifth a greatly improved Dino Beganovic (Prema Powerteam), obtaining his best qualifying since the start of the season. Sixth is Franco Colapinto (MP Motorsport), conquering a great result and showing big improvements race after race.

The qualifying session has been stopped 3 minutes from the end due to an off-track and by Andrea Rosso, who has damaged his car, when he was improving his best lap time.

2021 FRECA – Rd 05 – ZANDVOORT – Q1 – Classification (Provisional)

Grègoire Saucy: ” Great result, on a track that I know, and which is very physical. The race for such reason will not be easy and we will need to handle this properly. Well done to the whole team and also to my teammate, Gabriele Minì. Do I have a secret this year to be so strong? Well, I will eventually say at the end of the season!”

Gabriele Minì: “A very good result. We can still do some fine-tuning to the setup. Surely the track is extremely physical, and Grègoire is stronger and of course being bigger than me he can handle better the car on the bankings. The wind also makes it difficult, and in my best lap, due to this, I almost span while driving along a banking, so I lost some time there.”

Dino Beganovic: “A very good result. The team has done a great job to improve the car since yesterday, so I thank them. I am now competitive on dry and wet track, so I am ok with both conditions for race 1 today. Definitely a very tough track physically”.

This afternoon Race 1 will start at 15.00 with live streaming from 14.50 (CET). The live-streaming will go on the official Youtube and Facebook channels of the series, which are also reachable from the official website: