Zandvoort, collective tests 2: Saucy, Minì and Maloney

Back to dry track conditions and back to the championship leader, Grégoire Saucy (ART Grand Prix – 1:32.594), being once more at the front in what is a great year for him and his maturity as a driver. Behind him, his teammate Gabriele Minì, at 0.449, and third Zane Maloney (R-ace GP – 1:33.419). Fourth is Mikhael Belov, taking G4 Racing in the first positions, while fifth is another ART Grand Prix driver, Thomas Ten Brinke. A very good William Alatalo (Arden Motorsport) is sixth.

With the track still dirty and with not much rubber, on a track so close to the sea and the usual wind blowing in this area, it has not been easy for the drivers of the Formula Regional by Alpine to obtain clean laps. Again, 4 red flags due to accidents by Patrik Pasma, Axel Gnos, Mari Boya and Emidio Pesce, have determined a discontinuous session, making it really hard for the drivers to find the right pace and rhythm.

Grégoire Saucy: “A good lap, even though we all had just one lap with new tyres, due to the 4 red flags and consequent stops to the session. We will need to check better tomorrow which are the real gaps. This morning I was first with wet track, then with drying asphalt my tyres were destroyed and I could not do much, but the pace is there also in wet conditions. I have won here in F4 and raced last year in the Euro Cup, so I know the track well and like it. Tomorrow rain is not expected, but in this area nothing is really certain about the weather.

Gabriele Minì: “I am quite satisfied. Of course, Grègoire is very fast, as he has already been racing here twice, but I do not think lap difference is 4 tenths. I have made a mistake in my best lap, losing around 1.5 – 2 tenths, and the remaining 2 tenths I think I can find in some corners.”

Zane Maloney: “I am very happy about the improvement, especially compared to yesterday. This is a tough track, the speed in the bankings is amazing, and the many red flags have not helped to find the pace. It is important to be smooth and find the right rhythm. Since yesterday, what changed is my driving, as I am finding the right confidence.”

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