The Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine welcomes Iron Dames Team

The Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine continues to gain popularity and support from fans, drivers, and teams. Year after year, they fill the paddock and the grid of the ten traditional double events outlined in the calendar.

This success has been building since the series’ first edition in 2021, organized by ACI Sport and Alpine Racing. To date, the series has seen 145 drivers from around the world compete, establishing itself as the reference championship on the path to the FIA pyramid that peaks with Formula 1. The series also boasts significant numbers off the track, with global television coverage that has seen FRECA broadcasted by 100 broadcasters. Last season, they aired a total of 1390 hours of content, including qualifying, races, and features, reaching an audience of over 80 million viewers.

Such a solid reality that we’re seeing the inclusion of a significant team like Iron Dames less than a month before the season start, even in light of the recent withdrawal of Arden Motorsport, to whom the entire organization wishes the best of success for their future.

An all-female arrival in the paddock, as per the team’s tradition, orbits some of the world’s most prestigious series. Leading the Iron Dames’ initial FRECA campaign are two women competitors: French driver Doriane Pin and Spanish driver Marta Garcia. Both exemplify the commitment to female participation and competence in motorsports, which aligns with the goals of the Iron Dames project.

At 20 years old, Doriane Pin has joined the Mercedes-AMG F1 Junior Programme and is competing in the 2024 F1 Academy Championship. She recently excelled in her debut race in Jeddah, securing two pole positions and a win, and is now participating in FRECA to develop her single-seater skills. Doriane also competes in various motorsport disciplines, including endurance races like the Le Mans 24 Hours with the Iron Dames.

Marta Garcia, 23, has been recruited by the Iron Dames for their all-female FRECA programme. With previous successes in the F1 Academy Series, W Series, and karting, Marta brings a proven track record to her new role, having been the inaugural champion of the F1 Academy.

This underscores the high level of attention that the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine pays to women in racing. This has always been a strength of the championship, which has seen eight women compete, but there are also numerous in key roles within the teams and the organization of the series itself. This comes in a year when the door has been opened for teams to field a fourth car for the top three finishers of the 2023 Formula 1 Academy.